About APD

Servant-leaders. Entrepreneurs. Story tellers. Certified in Scrum and Visual Studio.
Advanced Product Delivery is a consultancy founded on experience. We work with small teams through to large organisations to improve the way they deliver products. In this way, we've helped to transform countless organisations.


We focus on the here and now and find realistic ways to achieve your goals. With APD, you’ll have a plan that everyone will understand and enjoy bringing to life.


Our constructive, helpful approach builds success incrementally. This will help you decide where - and how – you’ll achieve the most effective and enduring change.


Competent and assured, we use our experience and understanding to serve your best interests. And, using Scum values, we act with respect and transparency.

Over 20 years experience

APD was founded on the purpose of helping individuals, teams and organisations in a humane way from a values perspective. We strive to live the Scrum Values (Focus, Respect, Openness, Courage and Commitment) in all our interactions. We find that working collaboratively with people, helping people work towards their goals, sharing what we have learned from our experience, allows for strong collaborative partnerships - either in the classroom or on site.

Our success is when individuals, teams and organisations find the best ways for them to unlock value in their context.

More effective delivery of value to your customers is the value APD is looking to help you unlock.

A word from our founder, Simon Reindl

"As the first PST in the UK, the inaugural PSM steward and co-author of the Scrum.Org book Mastering Professional Scrum, I have trained and coached many of the PSTs in the UK and Europe. I offer an engaging training supported by my experience. As a steward, I supported the growth of the PSM, the development of the PSM II and PSMPO, as well as delivering 21 "Train the Trainer" sessions for aspiring Professional Scrum Trainers."

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Training and coaching with APD

Private training and coaching

APD offer private, tailored training courses as well as business agility and coaching. For larger groups it is more cost effective to bring the training in house, and deliver the training at your chosen venue or virtually.

  • The facilitator can tailor the discussions to the context of your business.

  • All your team can have a shared knowledge base and experience.

  • A fast effective way to improve the way that your organisation applies agility techniques.

Public training courses

Our public training courses are delivered by practising Agilists: Product Owners, Scrum Masters and coaches who are expert trainers and facilitators.

  • Interactive and engaging training designed to help you learn.

  • Expert facilitators who have deep experience and practice, not just theory.

Unsure what you need?

Compare certifications

We offer a wide range of agile training and coaching, so if you’re unsure - compare and find the right certification for you. We are certified in:

  • Scrum

  • ICAgile

  • Lean Agile Procurement (LAP)

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