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Expert advice from professional Scrum Masters about Scrum training, Agile methodologies, project management, change management, Visual Studio and more. Advanced Product Delivery offers a range of scrum training and agile training in the UK.

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Improving your Definition of Done

01 March 2019

The purpose of Scrum is to create a potentially releasable Done product Increment, in order to realise business value. Many teams struggle…

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Product manager versus Product Owner

17 August 2023

An effective product owner is an Agile product manager. The concept of product management as a discipline was born in the 1950s. This…

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Toughest day as a Scrum Master

15 August 2023

My toughest day as a Scrum Master started like any other, with the belief that everything was proceeding smoothly. I arrived just after…

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What keeps you awake at night on an Agile coaching engagement?

14 August 2023

So, what keeps me up at night during an Agile coaching engagement. And I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the same question that keeps…

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What are the top 3 tips you would give a newbie Scrum master?

11 August 2023

Congratulations! You’re a new Scrum Master, how fantastic is that! Welcome to this thrilling journey. I would recommend three things…

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Biggest mistake in sprint planning

10 August 2023

What’s the biggest mistake I’ve seen in sprint planning? This one’s pretty endemic and recurring. Teams overcommitting when they plan…

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What Agile case study inspired your belief that Agile was the way forward?

09 August 2023

I had an epiphany that Agile was the way forward. This revelation arose from a particularly interesting case study that I’d love to…

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Agile Coach versus project manager

08 August 2023

What’s the difference between an Agile coach and a project manager? This distinction is key to understanding the dynamics of team management…

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