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Expert advice from professional Scrum Masters about Scrum training, Agile methodologies, project management, change management, Visual Studio and more. Advanced Product Delivery offers a range of scrum training and agile training in the UK.

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Improving your Definition of Done

01 March 2019

The purpose of Scrum is to create a potentially releasable Done product Increment, in order to realise business value. Many teams struggle…

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If supplier and partner agreements cripple agility, why isn't lean agile procurement everywhere?

17 May 2023

If supplier and partner agreements cripple agility, why isn't lean agile procurement everywhere? People aren’t fond of change, and…

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What is the most common mistake newbie scrum masters make?

08 May 2023

I find that newbie scrum masters tend to get so wrapped up in the process, the mechanics of Scrum, that they become a scrum anti-pattern.

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How does a skilled agile coach help you identify the best way forward?

05 May 2023

I think it’s important to differentiate between an agile coach and an agile consultant. A skilled agile consultant will tap into their…

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How will a PSM II increase career prospects for a scrum master?

03 May 2023

So, you’ve been working for a year or more as a scrum master and helped your team challenge their potential boundaries, supported the…

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Why do agile experts recommend a transition from project management to product development?

01 May 2023

This is a critical shift in mindset, culture, and thinking. The transition from project management to product management, and product…

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What are the primary risks in scrum?

14 April 2023

Risk is a naturally occurring function of uncertainty. In complex and uncertain environments, we should be embracing agile and scrum…

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What will you learn on a PSM II course?

12 April 2023

The PSM II (Professional Scrum Master Advanced) course is a wonderful reciprocal learning experience for both the student/delegate…

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