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Agile Myths: If we are doing Agile procurement, we don't need a contract.

10 March 2023

Welcome to our agile myths series where Simon Reindl tackles common myths in the agile industry so that you get it right. This agile…

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What is Agile and why has it proved so powerful in complex environments?

08 March 2023

Agile is a framework for product development and project management based on some core Agile values and principles, rather than a rigid,…

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What would you need to have achieved to be considered a professional Agile coach?

06 March 2023

A professional agile coach is a pretty loaded term. There is a lot to unpack in that term.

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What is Lean Agile Procurement?

04 March 2023

Lean Agile Procurement is one of the last bastions of Agile.

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What is Kanban and why is it so popular?

03 March 2023

Kanban literally translates into ‘signal flow’.

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13 February 2023

Accountability is the act of being answerable or accountable for something. It is a key component of any successful organisation. In…

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Navigating Conflict - Facilitation and Conflict Part 4

15 December 2022

This is the fourth part of the four-part series on conflict. In the first part, we explored why we need conflict. In the second how…

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