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Expert advice from professional Scrum Masters about Scrum training, Agile methodologies, project management, change management, Visual Studio and more. Advanced Product Delivery offers a range of scrum training and agile training in the UK.

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What are the benefits of a private Scrum training course over a public training course?

07 August 2023

In the world of Agile adoption and Scrum training, there are two main options to consider: private in-house training and public training…

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What are primary considerations before adopting Lean Agile Procurement?

04 August 2023

What do you really need to think about before adopting Lean Agile procurement? Here are three key points you need to think about before…

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How important is empathy for a scrum master?

03 August 2023

When considering how essential empathy is for a Scrum Master, there are two schools of thought. It’s either super important, or it…

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Why is Kanban such a popular agile framework for product development teams?

02 August 2023

A question that has been doing the rounds recently is: why is Kanban becoming increasingly popular with product development teams?…

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What is Scrum in 60 seconds

14 July 2023

Scrum is all about developing and sustaining complex products. It’s not a methodology, it’s a framework. Think of it as the skeleton…

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When is Lean Agile procurement a great idea for an organisation to explore?

13 July 2023

Lean Agile procurement is ideal for complex purchasing scenarios. It’s probably not the most effective framework to use if you’re procuring…

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What is Agile?

12 July 2023

Agile is a broad umbrella encompassing a multitude of practices, frameworks, methods, and techniques designed with one primary goal:…

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How will Lean Agile Procurement redefine the way companies work in future?

11 July 2023

Mark my words. Lean Agile procurement will revolutionise procurement just as Agile revolutionised delivery. It’s currently where Agile…

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