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Ground Rules - Facilitation and Conflict Part 2

09 December 2022

This is the second part of the four-part series on conflict. In the first part, we explored why we need conflict. In this post, we…

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Facilitation and Conflict - Why?

06 December 2022

As a facilitator, your purpose is to hold the space to allow the people in the event to achieve the agreed outcomes. This will require…

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Case study: Medical Assurance Organisation

25 November 2022

Find out how APD supported one of the UK's largest Medical assurance organisations to design and implement and deploy Team Foundation…

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Definition of Done Example

25 July 2022

An example Definition of Done and how important it is to Transparency and Empiricism in Scrum.

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Professionalism, Leadership and EBM

25 July 2022

The role of an agile leader is to create and foster an environment where empiricism thrives to support the delivery of value. Evidence…

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Scrum with Kanban Summary Sheet

17 July 2020

A summary sheet of using Kanban with Professional Scrum

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