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What keeps you awake at night on an Agile coaching engagement?

14 August 2023

So, what keeps me up at night during an Agile coaching engagement. And I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the same question that keeps…

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What Agile case study inspired your belief that Agile was the way forward?

09 August 2023

I had an epiphany that Agile was the way forward. This revelation arose from a particularly interesting case study that I’d love to…

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When is Lean Agile procurement a great idea for an organisation to explore?

13 July 2023

Lean Agile procurement is ideal for complex purchasing scenarios. It’s probably not the most effective framework to use if you’re procuring…

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What does a great Agile coaching outcome look like?

07 July 2023

In my view, the primary outcome of Agile coaching is a client having the ability, practices and skills to continuously improve, while…

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How is Agile evolving since its inception in 2001?

26 June 2023

Since its inception in 2001, Agile has undergone a fascinating evolution. To fully appreciate the growth and changes in Agile, let’s…

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How does a skilled agile coach help you identify the best way forward?

05 May 2023

I think it’s important to differentiate between an agile coach and an agile consultant. A skilled agile consultant will tap into their…

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Why do agile experts recommend a transition from project management to product development?

01 May 2023

This is a critical shift in mindset, culture, and thinking. The transition from project management to product management, and product…

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What is Agile Project Management?

07 April 2023

Agile Project Management is an interesting one, and is a term frowned upon in the agile industry because the focus of agile is product…

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