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Improving your Definition of Done

01 March 2019

The purpose of Scrum is to create a potentially releasable Done product Increment, in order to realise business value. Many teams struggle…

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What is Scrum in 60 seconds

14 July 2023

Scrum is all about developing and sustaining complex products. It’s not a methodology, it’s a framework. Think of it as the skeleton…

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What’s the difference between project management and Scrum?

10 July 2023

The key difference between project management and Scrum lies in their fundamental approach: one is predictive, the other empirical.

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What is the most common mistake newbie scrum masters make?

08 May 2023

I find that newbie scrum masters tend to get so wrapped up in the process, the mechanics of Scrum, that they become a scrum anti-pattern.

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What are the primary risks in scrum?

14 April 2023

Risk is a naturally occurring function of uncertainty. In complex and uncertain environments, we should be embracing agile and scrum…

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What will you learn on a PSM II course?

12 April 2023

The PSM II (Professional Scrum Master Advanced) course is a wonderful reciprocal learning experience for both the student/delegate…

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What should a new scrum team achieve in their first 4 weeks?

10 April 2023

Congratulations, you just launched scrum and are chomping at the bit to deliver value.

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What is Scrum?

05 April 2023

Scrum is an agile framework that is deployed to develop and sustain complex problems. To help solve complex and compelling problems.…

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