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Toughest day as a Scrum Master

15 August 2023

My toughest day as a Scrum Master started like any other, with the belief that everything was proceeding smoothly. I arrived just after…

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What are the top 3 tips you would give a newbie Scrum master?

11 August 2023

Congratulations! You’re a new Scrum Master, how fantastic is that! Welcome to this thrilling journey. I would recommend three things…

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How important is empathy for a scrum master?

03 August 2023

When considering how essential empathy is for a Scrum Master, there are two schools of thought. It’s either super important, or it…

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What is the biggest aha moment you see on the PSM II course?

29 June 2023

Picture this: You’re in a room full of professionals, each bringing their own unique experiences and insights to the table. We’re here…

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What is the most common mistake newbie scrum masters make?

08 May 2023

I find that newbie scrum masters tend to get so wrapped up in the process, the mechanics of Scrum, that they become a scrum anti-pattern.

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How will a PSM II increase career prospects for a scrum master?

03 May 2023

So, you’ve been working for a year or more as a scrum master and helped your team challenge their potential boundaries, supported the…

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What will you learn on a PSM II course?

12 April 2023

The PSM II (Professional Scrum Master Advanced) course is a wonderful reciprocal learning experience for both the student/delegate…

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What is Scrum?

05 April 2023

Scrum is an agile framework that is deployed to develop and sustain complex problems. To help solve complex and compelling problems.…

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