Toughest day as a Scrum Master

15 Aug 2023

Tough day out

My primary task was to tackle these impediments head-on. By actively working to fix these issues, I aimed to restore the broken trust, not just within the team, but also between the team and our stakeholders.

As if the situation wasn’t tough enough, the team was anxiously waiting for a crucial deliverable – one that was, unfortunately, beyond my immediate capacity to provide. I had to pull every trick from my Scrum Master’s playbook, cash in on some favours, and push beyond my limits to get the job done. And in doing so, restored the team’s confidence in the process – and in me, their Scrum Master.

Here are a few key takeaways from my experience:

  • Never take your eye off the ball. Constant vigilance is key to pre-empting and managing potential issues.
  • Trust is paramount. When it’s broken, focus on addressing the root causes to rebuild it.
  • Use all resources at your disposal to resolve impediments, even if it means cashing in on favours.
  • Restoring confidence in the process and in your role as Scrum Master is crucial during such crises.

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