What are the benefits of a private Scrum training course over a public training course?

07 Aug 2023

Personalised case studies for real-world application

One of the significant advantages of a private Scrum training course is the ability to customise case studies to your organisation’s real products. Instead of discussing hypothetical scenarios or fictional products, trainers can use your actual products as examples during the course.

This tailored approach makes the content more relatable and memorable for participants. By connecting new learning to familiar contexts, our brains form stronger links, enhancing knowledge retention and reinforcing the learning experience.

Consistent experience for cohort development

oint number two is a consistent experience for a cohort will help in building a stronger and deeper connection to the new material. When you invest in Scrum training, it’s usually because you’re at some point of an Agile adoption rollout and seeking to level up your team’s skills. You want to bring everybody to a consistent level of understanding, build a certain amount of skill and experience so that you can then unleash the awesome power of Scrum on your organisation.

Opting for a private training course ensures a consistent learning experience for a cohort of 15 to 20 individuals. By bringing your team together, you foster a shared vocabulary, common understanding, and a sense of camaraderie. This group dynamic strengthens the team’s connection to the material and facilitates its integration into your organisation’s culture. A private course becomes a social experience that ignites the energy needed to drive change. Often we find in Agile adoptions, that the activation energy of change can be challenging – and that’s what a private course can help boost.

There’s one client I’m working with who has taken some of the materials from a course and stuck it up on the walls. They’re now reference points, common reference points for people to talk about.

Cost-effectiveness: Maximising your resources

The third reason is cost effectiveness. Never underestimate the power of money. Remember the golden rule: whoever’s got the gold makes the rules. Private Scrum training courses offer a cost-effective alternative to sending a large group of people to public courses. Public courses can easily cost around £25 000 for a group of 20 participants. In contrast, a private course is more economical because it is tailored to your organisation’s needs and involves a smaller, targeted group. By choosing a private course, you can maximise your training budget and allocate your resources more efficiently.

So, three reasons a private course trumps a public one: it’s more cost effective, there’s common experience, and you learn from case studies based on your organisation.

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