What is the biggest aha moment you see on the PSM II course?

29 Jun 2023

That aha moment

But what is the single greatest epiphany, the most profound aha moment I see during the PSM II course? It’s a simple but powerful realisation: Every single one of us is on a learning journey.

That’s right. The biggest revelation is that everyone can always improve their skill set. This isn’t a course where an expert instructor telling you how to do things. Rather, it’s a journey we embark on together, as colleagues and collaborators, exploring various ideas, seeking to deepen our insights.

It’s akin to a coaching session. The process is collaborative, and we, together, build a stronger understanding of what we can do. The richness of the training is in the discussions between the participants. In every PSM II course I’ve run, it’s these discussions that form the backbone of the training.

As facilitator, my role is to hold the space and guide people through these discussions.

The true source of wisdom

While honing our craft, there’s a trap we must avoid: hubris. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that we, as Scrum Masters, know all the answers. The true source of wisdom, the real understanding of how to solve problems lies within our teams. It’s our responsibility to remind ourselves of this truth.

So, as we journey through the PSM II course, remember this: Everyone is on a learning journey; everyone can always improve their skills. And it’s in this collaborative exploration of ideas that we truly grasp the essence of Scrum Mastery.

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