What is the hardest part of a new agile coaching engagement?

27 Mar 2023

Key elements of success in agile coaching

It can be incredibly difficult to consult to, or coach, an individual or team that doesn’t trust you and doesn’t want to engage with you.

Those two elements are essential for success.

The critical first step in an agile coaching engagement is to create and time and space to allow:

  • People to get to know you and vice versa.
  • People to explain their challenges.
  • People to provide you with insights into what is working and what isn’t working.
  • People to develop trust based on your credibility, experience, and expertise.

In my experience, the best outcomes are achieved when you, as the agile coach, allow individuals and teams to guide you to the problem areas. The things that they know and perceive to be the biggest stumbling blocks to agility.

Walking into any engagement with a predetermined solution in mind is counterproductive and unhelpful because you don’t understand the problems, the context, or the people involved.

So, allow people to tell you the stories that matter to them. Help them to think about what the future story is going to be, and then develop the rapport so that you can help guide them toward the outcomes that most matter to them.

As individuals. As a team. As an organization.

The hardest, and most important, part of any agile coaching engagement is to connect with people.

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