What is your favourite scrum course to deliver and why?

31 Mar 2023

Scrum Master Courses

As soon as I said these words, the PSM or Professional Scrum Master course came to mind.

I was a course steward for the PSM course, along with Stephanie Ockerman, for over 3 years.

We worked on the course content, tweaked and tuned it until it reached its current format, and played a significant role in the course development over that period. We discussed every slide, every piece of content in that course, and cocreated something I am super proud of.

It was incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, so I will always have a soft spot for the PSM course in my heart.

I’ve just realised what a rabbit hole this question has set me down.

I love the PSM II or Advanced Professional Scrum Master course too.

It is a game changer in the career trajectory of a scrum master and plays a significant role in helping them develop the advanced skills and capability needed to have a positive impact in a scrum team, and effectively help the organization achieve their product development goals.

As a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), the PSM II course is a great experience because you get to explore ideas, concepts, and experiences with active scrum practitioners. People who actively work in scrum environments and play a critical role in helping their teams succeed.

Scaling Agile courses

An interesting course, that I haven’t got to deliver as much as I would like, that really delivers value to organizations is the SPS (Scaled Professional Scrum) course.

When I witness organizations employ these scaling practices, in a lightweight and focused manner to get work done, the return on investment is phenomenal.

You witness how easy it is for a lot of waste to creep into the system, and how bureaucracy in scaling hamstrings capabilities and effectiveness. You learn how effective scaling scrum professionally can be, and witness the dramatic improvement it creates in team environments.

It really is a powerful course and creates long-term benefits for participants.

Leadership Courses

Many scrum practitioners will tell you that if leadership don’t understand what is needed and aren’t actively championing agile product development, the team run into walls quickly.

A great course to help leadership teams understand the value of agile product development, and recruit them as champions for agile teams, is the PAL-E (Professional Agile Leadership Essentials) course.

I really enjoy delivering this course and I love witnessing how transformative the experience is for management and leadership teams in product development environments. Helping leadership teams understand their accountability in creating and sustaining product development teams.

A lot of the elements that hamstring product development teams within the organization are things that lie outside of the control and influence of the team. It requires active interventions from agile leaders to resolve those impediments and enable the team to thrive.

A cactus doesn’t grow in the forest. A fern doesn’t thrive in the desert. You need to decide what your environment is going to be and what will best thrive in that environment.

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