What will you learn on a PSM II course?

12 Apr 2023

Supporting scrum

The Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) course is a deep dive into how we, as scrum masters, support the product owner, the organization, and the developers.

It is an exploration of how practicing scrum masters can work together to instill professional scrum within the environments we serve and leverage the power of the scrum framework to create an environment where product development teams can thrive.

Scrum Master Stances

The course also explores the various scrum master stances, and how their leadership in the scrum domain supports the product owner, developers, organization, and members of the leadership team.

It is a very interactive and engaging course and enables you to experience the role of a scrum master in a professional environment. You will explore each of the stances of a scrum master, and witness how to adopt and leverage these stances correctly.

Curriculum Development

I was privileged to be a part of the team who helped create the Professional Scrum Master course, and acted as a steward, along with Stephanie Ockerman, to ensure that the integration of new, more advanced scrum master material integrated perfectly with the Scrum.org perspective on scrum.

The course content has been battle-tested in some of the most progressive, technical, and rigorous applications on earth. We’ve worked as scrum masters in intense applications, and we’ve worked with others who have played a leading role in helping teams adopt scrum professionally across multiple industries, multiple geographies, and multiple applications.

What you learn on the PSM II course comes straight from skilled, experienced, and professional scrum masters that have earned their stripes in the agile industry. People who have worked through a myriad of scenarios in a myriad of applications.

The course content is designed to help you succeed where you are and where you are headed.

Nuance of Scrum

You’ve mastered the basics, well done, and now you’re ready to excel in the role by recognizing, understanding, and embracing the nuances of scrum in the context of a scrum master.

The course invites you to explore some of the edge cases and boundary conditions of professional scrum, and professional scrum masters, that help teams deliver products and features that truly delight customers.

To get valuable work done.

The PSM II reinforces the need for scrum masters to work with the broader system, the wider organization, to create a product development environment where the team can excel.

Many of the impediments you encounter are beyond the control and influence of the team. As a scrum master, you need to work within that broader system effectively to help your team achieve their goals and objectives, and align those with customer and organizational objectives.

Rich in insights.

As a Professional Scrum Trainer, I always come away from the PSM II course with rich insights, as do course delegates, because you are working with experienced practitioners within the class. As facilitators, we are helping to showcase valuable insights and experiences that put professional scrum in context for aspiring professional scrum masters.

The PSM gives you the basic foundation from which to build, but the PSM II leverages real-world, real-time examples of scrum masters in action, and the scrum framework being leveraged in creative, collaborative, and innovative ways.

It truly is an eye-opening experience that inspires people to dig deeper, try harder, and embrace the journey of a professional scrum master.

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