Business Agility & Coaching

We will work with you to understand what the outcomes you are looking for, and how you will measure them. Each context is unique and we work in partnership with you and your team to deliver the right changes in an incremental way.

What is the flow of value in your organisation, and what does success look like to you?

We work in partnership with you, to help achieve the outcomes that matter to you. Change is complex, and using an adaptive approach with full transparency to the stakeholders and all the people engaged. Our approach is to support the leaders, the people in the teams, and the teams as a whole to find better ways of working.

Agility is a mindset that is ruthless on value, compassionate on people. It is much more than the application of a set of techniques and practices in the same process. APD recognises that, and works to find the right mix for your current context, and how to meet your needs.

Aligned to the vision

We will align with the adoption vision, and how it delivers value.


The unpredictable nature of change encourages a flexible and adaptive approach.


Start where you are, make a change, improve. Use measures to guide you.

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The foundation is lean thinking, the building up through empiricism through values and principles to the frameworks. This can be used as a poster to highlight that all the frameworks share the common foundations.

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A different perspective. A fresh view sharing experiences and ideas from experience in many business sectors and various sizes of organisations. The context of your situation is key - we help by clarifying the constraints and the direction to move towards.


Experience working within many business domains: government, finance, retail, defence, medical, industrial, and energy.

It is about you

Understanding the broad principles of Agile, and deep understanding of the frameworks, we put you in the drivers seat.

Practitioners not purists

While we know frameworks, we are not blinded by a cookie cutter approach. We will help you find the change that is right for you.

Does your organisation need business agility & coaching?

APD will help you find the right course, or coaching to meet your needs.

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