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APD will help improve the way you build products in an iterative and incremental way. We offer a free 30 minute consultation to help determine your business needs.

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We’ll structure your free consultation to ensure we fully understand your needs and give you relevant advice about our offering. Our three objectives are to:

1. Understand your current situation. What works well? Where are your pain points? How many people and are supporting how many products?

2. Understand what you want to achieve. What constraints are you working within? What are your timescales, budgets, etc?

3. Give you ideas and options to achieve your goals and measure your outcomes.

Simon is a joy to work with, he provides the Tesco mobile engineering team with brilliant agile coaching. He is instrumental in ensuring that the team continues to grow in their knowledge of agile. Simon is trustworthy and capable and someone I highly recommend for his integrity and approach as well as his expert knowledge within the agile framework. - Hilda Jenkins

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