Mastering Professional Scrum Book

Mastering Professional Scrum helps you return to the first principles and values to improve your implementation of Scrum, to help you unlock the transformational ability of the framework. The emphasis on using the three pillars of empiricism (transparency, inspection and adaptation) through the lens of the Scrum values will help you move away from robotic, mechanical, and an overly practice heavy implementation of the Scrum framework.

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This book is built from the experience of working with many teams not understanding the intent of Agile or the Scrum framework. It is structured in a way to share theory, experiences and then a guided call to action to help improve the way your team uses Scrum.

Experienced Authors

From the stewards of the Scrum.Org Professional Scrum Master course, this book is built on a deep understanding of Scrum and years of training and coaching

Focus on the core of Scrum

The focus is on how to gain the maximum benefit of Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master to help the team and the organisation get the maximum benefit.

Scrum.Org series

This is part of the Scrum.Org professional Scrum series, each looking at professional Scrum from a different perspective to reap the benefits of Agility.

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A book to help focus on the values and principles as well as the framework. Written from experience with tips and questions to help improve your Scrum.

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A great reference for every Scrum Professional and anyone who has ambitions toward adopting scrum in their organisation. Simon and Stephanie have written it in a straight forward and applicable way. If you’re using the Scrum framework then this book will challenge you to improve and take a deeper understanding of how to get the most from Scrum.

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