What does it involve?

We can come to you, organise a venue, or deliver an engaging online (Virtual Learning) experience. Working together to ensure that we are aligned with the outcomes and direction that you and your teams are looking to achieve.

Having the flexibility to provide prepared or bespoke courses, followed by coaching support has helped a number of organisations make the most use of the training investment. When having the conversations with the people innovating, the specific questions of how they are using Scrum, Kanban and Agile can be discussed with the people doing the work.

The benefits:

  • Private focus: When you have your team in the training, then we can tailor the exercises and discussions to support you.
  • Experienced practitioners: We are Agile practitioners who consult and train, drawing on many years of experience across all industry sectors.
  • Common understanding: Having a common understanding of the purpose of working in an Agile way, and having a common language helps everyone have clearer conversations and alignment.

Things APD can help with

We have a wealth of experience in delivering certified and non-certified training, followed up by a flexible and supportive approach to coaching.

Agile Leadership

A workshop tailored to your situation. What is Agile, and what does it mean to you as a leader?

Agile Courses

Courses to support the wider Agile understanding. From an introduction to Agile, through to workshops on techniques you would like to know more about (visualisation, Keeping your Product Backlog healthy).

Lean Agile Procurement

How can you use the Lean Agile Procurement to simplify complex procurement negotiations. This interactive approach can be applied within your company or when seeking external vendors.

Professional Scrum Training

How can you apply the Scrum Framework to focus on the delivery of value? Role specific training, advanced courses as well as team training.

Kanban Training

Using the principles and practices of Kanban to measure and manage flow. How do you set your team up for success - not just build a visual management board.

Does your organisation need onsite training? Get in touch

APD will help you find the right course, or coaching to meet your needs.

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