Kanban Courses

Workshops and training to help implement a Kanban system to understand and manage the flow of work. Start where you are to visualise your process, and improve iteratively and incrementally. We offer kanban training and will work with you to use a Kanban board to use your skills after the course.

Learn by doing

In our highly interactive workshops, we explore the principles and practices of using Kanban. Using immersive simulation a clear understanding of the core principles of an effective Kanban system and how to use them in your situation.

We explore metrics to help guide decisions, to maximise the flow of value to the customer. Using our practical experience we use exercises to build and use a Kanban board to enable you to use the skills straight after the course.

We explore the three main flow metrics:

  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Cycle Time
  • Throughput

The six principles of Kanban:

  • Visualization of the workflow
  • Limiting WIP
  • Active management of work items in progress
  • Inspecting and adapting the definition of "Workflow"
  • Improve collaboratively
  • Implement feedback loops

Kanban training courses

Pragmatic Kanban Course

The pragmatic Kanban course is a 1 day immersive practical course to explore the learn the methods and metrics of Kanban through team based exercises.


Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK)

The use of the transparency that Kanban supplies to teams working with Scrum allows for increased visibility of the metrics and flow of work. The core metrics of Work In Progress (WIP), Cycle Time and Throughput are used to help predictive forecasting. This immersive two day workshop helps teams apply Kanban techniques to flow their Scrum!


We also offer private, onsite training

If you’re looking for a more tailored, onsite private training course, we can help with that too.

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